How should I deny a tenant applicant?

If you're denying your tenant because of the screening report, you must let them know by law.

You use an adverse action letter to do this.

We have several types inside of our member's area.

1. Click "Guides & Forms"

2. Click "Free Landlord Forms"


3. Click "Free landlord Essential Kit" to download the files including the adverse action letter.



Make sure you're using an adverse action letter that is connected with the correct service.

For instance, you should not use a RentPrep (Fidelis Screening) form when using a different screening service.

Just make sure the contact information on the letter lines up with the company you had run the report.

Adverse actions are also a great way to direct a denied applicant to us (the screening company) so the landlord can focus on finding another qualified applicant instead of spending time inefficiently.