FAQs on Setting Up An Account

Can I submit a copy of my HUD-1 to prove that I own the property for the landlord check?

Yes, we will accept a copy of HUD-1 documentation that you own the property for our Credit Check credentialing documentation.

What documents do I need to prove I own the rental property?

We share sensitive credit information on our Credit Check reports and therefore we need to verify each landlord as the owner of the rental property if you are ordering a Credit Check for the first time. We can accept anything except utility bills to prove ownership of the rental. First, we will need a copy of your driver's license. Then we would need any one of the following: - Tax Bill - Mortgage Statement - Homeowners Insurance - Deed - Closing Statement - Copy of HUD-1 State...

My homes are in the name of my LLC. Do you need a copy of my LLC docs?

Yes, if you are being credentialed for our Credit Check product. If you're running multiple rentals through your LLC name we will need a copy of your LLC documents. We would also need a copy of your driver's license to prove your identity as well. You can run multiple reports for your different properties as long as you're okay with the same name appearing on the reports. The name would either be your name or the Company name you provide.

Real estate agent using RentPrep?

Here's a good question we received in our Live Chat: If I'm an agent, how do I sign up? As I'm registering for the free account registration, it's asking for my name and address to verify that I'm the landlord. Do I use my client's (the landlords) name instead? Answer: In this situation, you would sign up with your information. Just keep in mind, the "end user" is the person who is responsible for the data. So if you a real estate agent and signing up to RentPrep as the end-user, you should ...

Do you provide any discounts for new customers?

We offer the promo code "NEW10" to all new customers. This will save you 10% on your entire order. You enter it on the final checkout page. This promo code is valid for the RentPrep Background Check. SmartMove cannot be discounted but you can choose to have your applicant pay for their report.

Password strength for RentPrep account

We require that each password must contain at least one uppercase and lower case letter, at least one digit, and at least one special character (!@#$%^&*). For instance "Password123!" would be an acceptable password but make your password private to you. Due to the nature of our service and the information we are dealing with, we are required to comply with the highest security standards and password protocols.

Do I have to use RentPrep's rental application or can I use my own?

No you don't have to use our rental application. You just need one that has them sign and give consent for a background check to be run on them.

Where can I get the RentPrep rental application?

Here we have a free rental application that you can download: https://www.rentprep.com/tenant-screening/rental-application/ This form should be filled out in its entirety. Make sure your applicant provides their signature/consent to run a background check as well.