How to Order a SmartMove Report with RentPrep

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to order a SmartMove report through RentPrep. Key information will either be highlighted in yellow or called out with an orange arrow.

Many people choose to run SmartMove reports through RentPrep due to our ability to add a Judgments and Liens search that was removed from credit reports in June of 2017.

Step #1 - Create a free RentPrep account


Step #2 - Select the SmartMove Report from your Orders Create Page


Step #3 - Enter the Property and Tenant Applicant email address

If you don't already have a property entered in our system, you can click the "create a new one" link to get started.


Step #4 - Select if you want to decline applicants for open bankruptcies


Step #5 - Decide if you want to add Judgment/Lien Search for $7.00


Step #6 - Add your report to the cart once you've verified details


Step #7 - Click checkout or add an additional report

There are two buttons you can click to go to checkout at this step. Or, you can click "Order Additional Report" to the left of the green Checkout button to setup an additional order.


Step #8 Select who pays for the report


Step #9 - Agree to the Service Agreement and Submit your order


Step #10 - Order Success Page

You've successfully ordered a RentPrep SmartMove report. In this example, the Landlord selected the Renter to pay for the report so no credit card details are needed.

The steps the applicant will take are laid out in this helpful article as well.