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Questions About RentPrep

What Are the Benefits of Using Your Service Compared to Other Companies? What Makes You Stand Out?
Our company offers exceptional customer service via phone, email and LiveChat du... more
If the Applicant is an Immigrant do you Verify Their Right to Work?
Our service does not currently verify the right to work for immigrants. This wo... more
Do You Offer High Volume Discounts?
If your portfolio is over 50 units and growing you may qualify for our high volu... more
Tenant Screening for Canadian citizens?
If you're located in Canada and looking for tenant screening on a Canadian citiz... more
Does RentPrep Offer API?
We have two API (https://www.rentprep.com/about/screening-api/) services to offe... more
Does RentPrep Have a Setup Fee or Monthly Fee?
No, we do not currently have any setup or monthly fees to run a tenant screening... more
Is my Information Secure? Will RentPrep Sell my Data?
We will never share or sell your information to a third party. We implement a va... more
Does RentPrep Perform Employment Screening?
In some cases, we will provide employment screening in addition to our tenant ba... more
I See RentPrep and Fidelis Screening Solutions, Why the Two Names?
The video on our about us page (http://www.rentprep.com/about/) covers this in d... more