Questions About RentPrep

What does the income verification service consist of?

Using Online Banking Credentials, applicants can connect to their bank accounts to generate an Annual Net Income Summary report in 3 easy steps: - Collect - Confirm - Share Applicants receive an email to verify their income and are prompted to log into their bank accounts to generate the report. There is no limit to the number of bank accounts an applicant can add. Applicants will be able to view the income summary report prior to releasing that information to the landlord. Applican...

How to Log In to RentPrep to view Reports

This is the RentPrep Support Portal to answer frequently asked questions. If you're looking to access the RentPrep member's area to view background checks you can log in with the link below. (

What does FCRA certified mean?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (, better known as the FCRA, is the guidelines that govern what information can be used in the decision-making process for renting to a possible tenant. Landlords need to know these laws or have a tenant screening company that has certified FCRA Certified Background Screeners compiling, reviewing, and completing their reports. Here at RentPrep we hire, train, and employ only FCRA certified scr...

Can I order just a credit decision report?

Unfortunately at this time you cannot order just a credit decision report by itself. You can add it on to your RentPrep background check for $11.00 The Credit Decision Report is a pass/fail decision report and will not give you the full credit report or score.

Can I use RentPrep for applicants for a commercial space?

RentPrep offers Equifax Commercial Credit Reports. These reports include: Company Profile Open and Closed Financial Accounts Balance Trends Delinquency Failure Scores Business Failure Score Payment Index Credit Usage (Available and Unavailable) For more information, please contact

Does RentPrep have a setup fee or monthly fee?

No, we do not currently have any setup or monthly fees to run a tenant screening report. Our service is free to setup and you only pay when you have a need. Many landlords use our service once a year, or even every other year, when their rental unit has a vacancy.

Does your report include screening for a husband AND wife or a couple?

All of our screening reports are run from the SSN. Therefore we charge per tenant applicant. Since we don't know how long they've been married, or if evictions are in one person's name and not the other, it's important to not trust "combined reports". Often this information is only relating to joint filings and not individual filings for items like judgments, evictions and bankruptcies. If you have a couple that is applying for the rental we suggest running separate screening reports on each a...

Tenant Screening for Canadian citizens?

If you're located in Canada and looking for tenant screening on a Canadian citizen you need to use a screening company located in Canada. We are located in Buffalo, NY and therefore we cannot run background checks on Canadian citizens.

If the applicant is an immigrant do you verify their right to work?

Our service does not currently verify the right to work for immigrants. This would typically be covered in an I-9 search and is connected to employment screening, not tenant screening.

Is your credit decision report a "hard pull" or "soft pull"?

As of July 8th, 2020, all tenant-screening inquires will result in “soft” inquiries instead of “hard” inquiries. Anytime a report is run for a credit related reason (vehicle purchase, credit card, housing, employment, etc.) the credit bureaus need to identify the purpose of the pull. Pulling your credit report once for a specific reason, like housing, should have no impact on a credit score. It is only when the credit bureaus see multiple attempts in the same time period for the same type of...

Who pays for the background check? Tenant or Landlord?

Our RentPrep Background Checks are no tenant involvement. This means the landlord will pay for these reports (many landlords will charge an application fee up front to cover this cost). Our SmartMove reports provide the option to have the landlord or tenant applicant pay directly for the report. If you'd like to see these two options side-by-side you can do so on our pricing page (

If I run a screening report for a tenant, do I have to provide them a copy?

No, you do not have to personally provide them a copy. In fact, we advise against this because the report landlord's receive do not contain the proper disclaimers that a consumer copy contains. You can have the tenant reach out to RentPrep to see their report. If they would like a copy of the report please send them to this link to fill out a renters relations form. We will have to confirm the identity of the renter before sharing the scre...

I see RentPrep and Fidelis Screening Solutions, why the two names?

The video on our about us page ( covers this in detail. In short, the company name is Fidelis Screening Solutions and RentPrep is a brand of Fidelis Screening Solutions. Fidelis Screening Solutions is the original name, under which we began performing background checks for large property management companies. RentPrep was created to serve individual landlord and smaller property management companies under. The name difference helps us identify which service fits ...

Can I Pay with PayPal?

Unfortunately, PayPal is no longer part of our payment methods. We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover when you order through our secured online portal. We use SSL to protect and secure your information.

Is my information secure? Will RentPrep sell my data?

We will never share or sell your information to a third party. We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you place an order or enter, submit, or access your personal information. After a transaction, your private information (credit cards, social security numbers, financials, etc.) will not be stored on our servers. You can learn more about our privacy policies here:

Do you offer high volume discounts?

If your portfolio is over 50 units and growing you may qualify for our high volume tenant screening packages. These are known as our Enterprise Clients (

Does RentPrep Offer API?

We have two API ( services to offer. We offer two versions of the API. Our SmartMove API so you can plug into TransUnion Credit Reports and our hand-compiled RentPrep Background Checks with industry leading accuracy.

Does RentPrep perform Employment Screening?

In some cases we will provide employee screening ( in addition to our tenant background checks for our RentPrep Enterprise clients. However if you have 1-50 employees we've partnered with TransUnion on their ShareAble ( employee screening product specifically made for small businesses.