General Questions

SmartMove: What if renter doesn't have a SSN?

SmartMove reports require an SSN or an ITIN

Is a SmartMove report a hard or soft pull on credit?

Because the rental applicant initiates the screening, it posts to his or her credit file a "soft inquiry" which does not affect his or her credit score.

Why can't I complete the entire SmartMove process without the renter?

SmartMove is a consumer-initiated service, meaning the renter plays an active role in deciding when and to whom to release sensitive personal information. The process is conducted online, keeping this information secure. If you are looking for options that don't include the applicant (sometimes referred to as "zero tenant involvement") we suggest checking out our RentPrep Background Check reports.

What does the SmartMove Credit Report Request email invitation look like?

Here's an example of the email invitation your applicant will see when you invite them to complete the SmartMove Credit Report Request.

Does SmartMove report unpaid rent to the credit bureau?

At this time, SmartMove does not have the ability to report rental history on a consumer's credit report. We recommend contacting a collection agency or local apartment association to inquire about how back rent may be reported on a consumer's credit file.

Can SmartMove verify my renter's employment or rental history?

At this time, SmartMove does not verify employment and/or rental history for potential renters. However, our Income Verification Add-On includes: - Annual Net Income Summary - Average Monthly Net Income - Current Balances On Connected Accounts For more information please check out:

SmartMove Sample Report

Here's a link that will take you to a sample of the SmartMove report:

What is the difference between RentPrep Background Check and the SmartMove report?

The main difference between our RentPrep Background Check and SmartMove package is that SmartMove requires tenant involvement so you'll need to know their email address to have the applicant complete the report. Our RentPrep Background Check reports are zero tenant involvement. Both packages are intended for landlords but our SmartMove Report will provide a ResidentScore which is a score that has been specifically built to give insight into the outcome of a lease. The score was created by TransU...