Do I see an actual credit score on my credit decision report?

Whether or not you see an actual credit score depends on the package you selected.

A Credit Decision Report Doesn't Show The Specific Score

If you order the RentPrep background check, you can add a credit decision report which is based on a pass/fail score.

This allows us to provide zero tenant involvement which some landlords prefer.

You decide the rating and we let you know if your applicant passed or failed.

If you selected a 5 star rating and your applicant fails we will provide the reasons why the applicant failed... but we cannot legally provide the exact credit score with the credit check.

SmartMove Does Show The Full Credit Score

Our SmartMove reports include a ResidentScore, which is a score that has been specifically built to give insight into the outcome of a lease. The score was created by TransUnion after compiling nationwide credit data from individuals that lead to negative rental outcomes.

Decline: 350 – 523

Conditional: 524-537

Low Accept: 538-559

Accept: 560- 850