FAQs on Screening Reports

How to Order a RentPrep Background Check

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to order a RentPrep Background Check. Key information will either be highlighted in yellow or called out with an orange arrow. ------------------------- Step #1 - Create a free RentPrep account Link: https://screen.rentprep.com/account/register ------------------------- Step #2 - Select the RentPrep Background Check from your Orders Create Page Link: https://screen.rentprep.com/orders/create ------------------------- Step #3 - En...

Insufficient Credit Explanation

Insufficient credit means that there was not enough data to create a credit score for the applicant. If the person has no credit cards or previous loans then there is "insufficient credit" to create a credit score that we could report. This is common with younger renters who may not have a long credit history.

How long does it take to complete a tenant background check?

Our RentPrep Background Check tenant screening reports are hand-compiled by a FCRA Certified screener within one (business) hour of you submitting your order. If you order while the office is closed it will be worked on the next business morning. Our current (Easter Standard Hours) hours are the following: - Mon-Thu: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST - Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST - Sat: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM EST SmartMove turnaround times are dependent on how quickly your applicant takes action ...

Tenant Applicant Did Not Provide SSN (social security number)

If your tenant did not provide their social security number, we can still run a report if you have their name, date of birth and current address. Be sure to use the SSN 000-00-0000 as a placeholder and our Screeners will recognize that you did not have the SSN at the time of ordering. It is advised for accuracy purposes that you do get the SSN if possible.

Do I see an actual credit score on my credit decision report?

Whether or not you see an actual credit score depends on the package you selected. A Credit Decision Report Doesn't Show The Specific Score For the Pro, Basic, and Platinum packages you can add a credit decision report which is based on a pass/fail score. This allows us to provide zero tenant involvement which some landlords prefer. You decide the rating and we let you know if your applicant passed or failed. If you selected a 5 star rating and your applicant fails we will provide the rea...

How do you verify employment for self-employed tenant applicant?

Self-employment can be very difficult to verify income since salary and distribution numbers can be skewed. In our experience, the most effective way to verify this type of income is through bank statements. We recommend reviewing at least 90 days of bank statement (provided by the applicant) to verify their deposit history. Since most people who are self-employed are used to taking additional steps to verify their income for most other credit related issues, they are typically conditioned to...

What is the global homeland security search?

A Global Homeland Security Search is sometimes called a Global Homeland Security Background Check or a Terrorist Watch List Search, or a OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets and Controls). It is a joint effort by countries around the world to help stop known and suspected terrorists. This search makes sure your applicant is not on any terrorist watch lists.

Do I get a receipt for running a background check?

Yes, you do. You will receive a payment confirmation email that contains invoice information. All of your receipts are also available inside your RentPrep account. If you're logged into your account, you should see along the top navigation an option for 'Billing' Click that option and then the option for 'My Invoices' will come up. If your tenant want's a copy of the receipt for the background check (https://www.rentprep.com/tenant-background-check/) you can forward them to your email.

Why are there overlaps in reported address history?

The reported dates are when the database has first picked up the applicant at that address and when they were last picked up there. There tends to always be an overlap. Tracking a renters address history is much more difficult than someone who owns a home. In a homeowner scenario there are public records and a history of official filings (deeds, assessments, etc.) that help track exact dates. Since renters have no official filings, the databases must use information like tax filings, postal ser...

In identity development... are matching names the same person or showing people with matching names?

Full question from a Live Chat: Under the identity development, I see that there were a couple of names showing up that matches the name of my applicant. Is it the same person or is there a possibility of multiple individuals sharing the same name that showed up on your search? Screener response: It is the same person. It is just validating the SSN you provided and showing you your applicant's address history.

Eviction record shows $0?

An initial eviction is filed with a zero ($0) dollar balance because the monetary value of the judgment is not yet known. Step 1. of an eviction is to file the forcible entry/detainer judgment and it is not yet known what the final dollar amount will be since the lost rent and damages have not been calculated at this point. Step 2. of the eviction filing is to report the monetary amount that should be attached to the judgment. So the zero ($0) eviction record likely means that an initial evic...

If I don't select to add on the Verification Services initially can I add them onto my order later?

If you come to realize that you want to add our Verification Services to your report after you have already placed your order, don't sweat it! Contact one of our FCRA certified screeners by email, chat or by phone and ask them to send you an invoice for the $12.00 to add it on to your existing order. Once you pay for the invoice we will then need you to send us your applicants landlord and employer's contact information along with their signed authorization so we can get the phone calls star...

What questions do you ask when calling an applicants current/previous landlord?

When we call, we ask open-ended questions to confirm that the address, monthly rent, and rental dates align with the information your tenant provided. We will also ask questions about the quality of the tenancy such as - "did they receive noise complaints? Was there damage to the property?" etc.

How should I deny a tenant applicant?

If you're denying your tenant because of the screening report, you must let them know by law. You use an adverse action letter to do this. If you need a copy of an Adverse Action Letter, please contact our screening department, and we will be happy to provide you with one! You can contact us via phone (888-877-8501), email (screening@rentprep,com), or by our LiveChat feature. Make sure you're using an adverse action letter that is connected with the correct service. For instance, you should ...

Do I need tenant permission to do a background check?

Yes, you will need the tenant's permission with a signed consent form to do a background check. Many times this is included in your rental application. For our SmartMove orders, the tenant provides authorization themselves and then confirms their identity by answering a series of "out of wallet" questions.

Does RentPrep discount for married couples running two reports?

All of our screening reports are run from the SSN, applicant's name, and date of birth. Therefore we charge per tenant applicant and we do not apply discounts for married couples.

What information do I need to start screening tenant applicants?

Our RentPrep Background Check reports are all hand-compiled tenant background checks by our team of FCRA Certified Screeners. For these reports, you'll need a signed rental application from your tenant applicant. You can use our RentPrep application available here: https://www.rentprep.com/tenant-screening/rental-application/ We recommend having the applicant fill out the rental 100% and to leave no blank spaces. This way you'll have all the information you need. When placing the order...

Am I required to give applicants a copy of their credit report and background check?

You should not personally provide them a copy. In fact, we advise against this because the report landlord's receive do not contain the proper disclaimers that a consumer copy contains. If you had a RentPrep Background Check report ran with RentPrep and the tenant applicant would like a copy of the report the applicant should go to this link to fill out a renters relations form. http://www.rentprep.com/resources/renters-relations/ If you ordered a SmartMove Report on the applicant, ple...

Does RentPrep provide a landlord pay stubs or driver license or other identity verification?

Our add-on for Verification Calls ($12.00) includes an Employment Verification. We will call your applicant's employer to verify employment and ask if the applicant is full or part-time, is the applicant currently employed, hire date, position, hourly or annual salary. We will compile our findings inside of your screening report. We will make up to three calls and take care of release forms requested by most employers.

If I have already ordered a report with verification calls, is it too late to change the employer or landlord info?

If you have updated information to provide, please reach out to us by phone (888) 877-8501 or email screening@rentprep.com (mailto:screening@rentprep.com) to update your report.