SmartMove Ordering Questions

What happens after I place a SmartMove order?

The first thing you should receive is an email confirming that your order has been placed. Now the applicant will be sent an email to complete a three step process. Applicant Step #1: They will provide their personal information: Applicant Step #2: IDMA Verification These are "out of wallet" questions that verify the identity of the applicant. Applicant Step #3: Pay for the report If you requested that the applicant pay for the report they will be taken to the payment page. Within ...

Do I need separate emails for each applicant with a SmartMove report?

Yes, you will need a separate email address for every applicant that you plan to order a SmartMove report for. Many landlords choose to run a background report on each tenant applicant that is 18 years or older. If you have an applicant that is married and also has a 24-year-old child living with them you'd want to get the email address of the applicant, spouse, and adult child. This way you can be assured that each adult living in the home has a clean background and is not a risk for yo...

When ordering a SmartMove report why is the lease time a minimum of 6 months?

When you are entering in that information it will not have any effect on the report, that is just TransUnion collecting data. It is just required in order for the order to go through. If you have a 3-month lease you can enter that. You're not held to whatever information you enter in the SmartMove ordering process. Your final lease is the final contract with your tenant.