How does RentPrep verify employment and verify income?

If you order a report that includes employment verification we actually call the current employer.

We write notes based on our conversation and the information that the employer is willing to provide. This helps to verify that the applicant is employed, length of employment, and sometimes income verification.

Some employers have a policy against providing income and salary information. We find about 30% of employers will not verify salary information. 


What if the employer uses "The Work Number"

In some cases, the employer may use a verification service like The Work Number. We do not participate with these services because there are no guarantees on the information that is returned.

Often we have seen a verification from The Work Number, that costs $25.00 to run, returned with only information on the current status.

It does not include information on salary, position, length of employment, etc. This is why we do not recommend paying for The Work Number as an additional service.