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How to Order a RentPrep Background Check

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to order a RentPrep Background Check. Key information will either be highlighted in yellow or called out with an orange arrow.

Step #1 - Create a free RentPrep account
Link: https://screen.rentprep.com/account/register


Step #2 - Select the RentPrep Background Check from your Orders Create Page
Link: https://screen.rentprep.com/orders/create




Step #3 - Enter the Applicant Information

Note: If your tenant refuses to provide their SSN you can use 000-00-0000 as a placeholder and our Screeners will recognize that you did not have the SSN at the time of ordering.



Step #4 - Select if you want to add a Criminal Search to your report



Step #5 - Decide if you want to add a Credit Search to your report

You can see a sample of the Credit Decision Report here.



Step #6 - Review Your Purchase and Add To Cart



Step #7 - Click checkout or add an additional report

There are two buttons you can click to go to the checkout at this step. Or, you can click "Order Additional Report" to the left of the green Checkout button to set up an additional order.




Step #8 Enter Payment Details



Step #9 - Submit Your Order


Step #10 - Order Success Page

You've successfully ordered a RentPrep Background Check. Typical turn around time is 1-2 business hours. You'll receive an email notifying you when your report is ready.